Women ages 18-35 in the greater Phoenix area need more positive role models and access to resources to enhance their skills and self-confidence in order to actualize and amplify their life's true purpose.  No other local organization provides specific support to women in this age range.

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To inform, inspire and empower women to achieve their purpose through Exposure to successful role models and resources, personal Discovery and Creation of authentic life plan.

Our Mission

  • Looking for answers & clarity to life issues?

  • Feeling lost, neglected, underappreciated?

  • Lacking purpose and direction in life?

  • Need a mentor?

  • Unemployed or underemployed?

  • Looking for a positive support network?

  • Desire life skills to navigate through womanhood?

To improve the quality of life of women through:

Awareness - ​Creating opportunities for self      reflection

Mentorship - Support from role models

Purpose - Fulfilling their life plan

Is AMP For You?

Achieving My Purpose


Empowering young women to embrace their purpose

Why AMP?

Our Vision